Ilya Yurovsky


Ilya looks about 30 years old, somewhere around 5’9", pale and slender. He wears a black leather duster with a waist-length black cape, gloves, and a high collar that rises nearly to his chin. Since he keeps his hair tied up in a messy bun, you can see small black tattoo lines curling up the sides of his neck and behind his ears. Ilya’s most striking feature is his bright blue eyes, which almost seem to glow due to perpetual dark circles under his eyes.

Ilya carries more books with him than perhaps seem necessary. On closer inspection, they are all his own writings, notes, and journals, but they are written in some kind of bizarre shorthand version of Ustraanian with numerous additions and addendums crammed in wherever there is space. He seems to not have any trouble referencing information when he needs it, however. He also seems to like jewelry: he has a small collection of ornate clips that he uses to put his hair up, as well as a few different pairs of obsidian earrings and a large signet ring made of some kind of black metal on his left hand.

Ilya carries himself with an air of nobility and can be quite aloof, but won’t hesitate to make his opinion known if he believes it to be relevant. He approaches most things with a scholarly eye, with curiosity rather than judgment, constantly writing small notes and observations in his plethora of books.


Ilya Yurovsky

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