Mordulon-Fall of the Crimson Throne

Acolyte: Chapter 4

A New City - A Brass Key

"Acolyte!" Dorn shouts.

Without thinking I emerge from my hiding place and sprint towards Helor.

Nixie speaks with the unicorn in a language I do not comprehend.  I stand there with my hand raised, trying to appear friendly.  She beams at the beast in excitement, and it acknowledges her.  I had thought I might quell any encounter, but it seems Nixie was best suited for that.

The people who were walking around this late at night flinch as I flow past them.  The bridge lies ahead.  I follow Dorn's gaze and see the dark figure.

The bugbear strikes me.  Two savage blows across my torso which threaten to put me down.  I feel my core flicker dangerously within myself.  Mustafa is upon the creature, and parts it down the middle of its body with one stroke.  I had thought I would defeat the beast, but Mustafa seemed better suited for that.

At the edge of the bridge I see the projectile begin its arc through the air.  I know what I must do, but I fear that I cannot.

The dwarf stares up at me, refusing to tell me what I should know.  I threaten his lively hood with rumors and reputation.  His gaze is steadfast and assured.  He seems angry and demands I leave.  Later, Dorn extracts the information with his camaraderie amongst his kind. I had thought I could acquire the information, but it seemed Dorn was better suited to negotiate.

My feet touch the cobbles of the bridge.  Helor has barely registered what is happening.  My robes flap behind me in the wind as I begin the ascent to him.  I can see, impossibly, the bolt closing in on him.

I try and convince the man in the square to pay us for our services hunting creatures.  He denies my offer.  I try and reason with him, but to little avail.  He tells me that they cannot afford that.  Hugh steps in and convinces the man to pay us what we are owed, and secures a greater payment.  I thought I could reason with the man, but it seemed the Hugh was better suited for that.

I'm not sure I'll make it.  I'm not sure I can do it.  I don't see anyone else near Helor.

The bandits are all gathered around the fire.  I'm not sure how to approach, but then both of our arcane companions step forward.  Half of them fall asleep while the other half are distracted by Aries conjuration within the campfire.  I hadn't known what to do, but it seemed that Aries' bravado was better suited to give us an edge.

Twenty paces.  My hood falls from my head.  Helor stares in horror at his closing doom.  Dorn is lurching into action.  The bolt whispers through the air.

We are trying to follow the killer.  Dorn seems to know the direction, but can't find the trail.  I stand tall and look around.  I see nothing.  But then young Nikolai touches my arm and I feel strange energy fill me.  He adds a wisdom to my gaze I had not known.  He is the strength we do not see and is better suited to guide us.  

With all of these talented and strong men and women beside me, I falter to understand my purpose.  I was created to serve, but amongst these adventurers I do not know what I am suited for.  

I had thought I was stronger, smarter, wiser than them.  But I am not.  What was I created for?

Time seems to have slowed.  My body fully extended in motion.  I leap the last few paces to Helor.

I reach out.



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