Mordulon-Fall of the Crimson Throne

Acolyte: Chapter 3

West to the River

I feel.  A simple sentiment, but new to me.  Anger.  Confusion.  Disallusionment.  

Master Liam was killed and I failed to stop it.  I failed to apprehend the killer.  I am not as strong as I thought I was.  Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, I am bound to a group of strong men and women.

I learn what I can while I'm being healed.  Several days go by.  I inquire about the tome we received, and why Master Liam might have been targeted.  Brother Ivan and Brother Gregor do not know why Master Liam was slain, but it was clearly an assassination.  There are many ways into the tower, and the assassin had picked the most difficult.  Clearly they were seeking to encounter no one else.

Nikolai seems distracted, and I notice after a time that Aries is no where to be seen.  Nikolai tells me Aries went back for something and that he'll return soon.  I wonder if he is safe.

I speak with Brother Ivan and Brother Gregor again, this time pledging myself to what ever cause they seem fit.  They speak to me as if I'm naive, but they tell me to find out what I can in my travels.

The group gathers in the morning and I tell them that I'm not strong enough alone.  Not as strong as I thought.  I need them to join their strength and talent with my own if I am to find Master Liam's killer

Nikolai and Aries remain at the monastary to continue their research into the mysterious Order of the Obsidian Key.  The rest of us set out to the west until we encountered the river.

We travel for a day.  We arrive at a small gathering of buildings to find hulking bugbears terrorizing traveling caravans.  If they had any caravan guards they were certainly slain.  I look to Mustafa and we rush to stop them.

A short and brutal encounter.  Our party made quick work of the beasts.  Mustafa is unstoppable when the vessels in his eyes burst.  His behavior in general seems to shift depending on whats happening.  He speaks with us, laughs, and hatches plans with us, but when blood must be spilled he turns into a raging demon.  Can I depend on him for what I need?

We are hired to route the rest of the bugbear band.  There was a huge on in particular, and I advised a surprise attack.  It likely saved my own life.  My body seems surprisingly fragile.  I must work to make myself more resilient.

We return.  The locals are excited that we have quelled the raiders.  The bar is a rowdy party, with drinks and revelry being had by all!

I step outside into the breeze.  The sun is setting, giving the sky a blueish, pink cast.  I peer around for someone who can sell me some coal.  Food does me little good.

I see a cart nearby when a thin man.  Peddling wares no doubt.  I go to inspect some of his finely crafted boxes when he engages with me.  I expect the normal questions I get.  What are you?  Where are you from?  Why are you here?  

But no, this elf, named Lithowi, asks me more specific questions.  How long have I been active?  What am I consuming?

He mentions that he hasn't seen one of my kind in nearly 300 years.  Elves must be long lived.  He inspects me and then begins offering me various purified ores.  They all burn smoothly, the fuel within me coursing with energy that I have not felt since the Awakening.

Lithowi refuses payment for anything.  Simply inspecting me was enough.  He grants me a charm that I can speak into if I need to see him again.  Lithowi knows something about me, but I have other concerns now.  Maybe when we bring peace to Master Liam, I will seek him out.



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