Mordulon-Fall of the Crimson Throne

Acolyte: Chapter 2

Murder at the Monastary

We set out early in the morning to head towards the cavern.  I wondered what was written in this tome to be of such high importance.  Perhaps I can read this book upon our return. 

I surveyed the other acolytes, whom were busy doing chores around the grounds.  Seeing them stirred within me a memory of doing similar things in the past.  I wonder if I will every truly unlock my memory.

We took to the forest to avoid the searing heat of the Eyes.  I stayed near the back of our group, keeping mostly to myself.  Our group happened upon a glittering grove and we encountered a creature that Nixie then communicated with.  She spoke in a language I could not understand.  Nikolai seemed to revere this creature and referred to it as a unicorn.  It seemed unperturbed by me, which was calming.

A deal had been struck and the unicorn led us directly to the bandit camp.  I wasn't sure how we should approach, but then the spellcasters acted in unison to throw the camp into disarray.  The hulking form of Mustafa was then amidst them and it seemed as though victory was already at hand.  I began to search, but then the remaining terrified men said that what we sought was inside the cave.

We ventured in, but then Mustafa charged forth when we heard a shout of alarm.  I was certain we had been discovered but the group seemed confident that we could combat what was inside.  There were more bandits, and an enraged half-orc.  I quickly went to Mustafas side to guard his flank.  The half-orc attacked last, but a combined effort of all seven of us was too much for him.

We returned to the monastery the next day.  We took a route through the woods again so Nixie could speak with the unicorn.  She gained a tuft of its mane, which was astounding considering its revered presence.  She is a talented gnome.

The monastery was as we left it.  I went to speak with Brother Ivan, but he was not present.  I requested of my companions that we rest up and wait.  It was important for me to apologize.  I did my best to help around the temple, trying to remember how to perform these duties.  At one point, I assisted the gnome Nixie in moving some fish to the fountain.  I'm not sure why we did this, but she seemed delighted.

I was busy reading some of the material in the modest temple library before I went to rest.  We were awoken abruptly by the cry of Nikolai.  He had witnessed the death of Master Liam.  This tragedy will not go unanswered.  The mysterious dwarf Dorn had jumped out a window in pursuit of someone.  I took the murder weapon and made a silent vow to kill the assassin with it.

Mustafa and Nixie had located the trail, and I took off into the forest with due haste.  Anger ignited inside me; an emotion I had not felt until this moment.  My tattoos ebbed with my emotions as I hastened to catch up.  I gave pause when I happened upon Nixie trapped in a pit.  I could not help her get out, and the killer must have been close.  I rushed off into the forest, my anger overtaking my self preservation.

The ambush left me bereft of feeling.  I rounded a bend, and all at once the world was spinning.  A dagger plunged into my arm and a bloom of cold and decay flowed into me.  It seems that though my body is metal, my wounds will indeed bleed.  A revelation I will address another time.

Nikolai was upon me suddenly and brought me back to consciousness.  Was the assassin still close?  I could hear the enraged bellow of Mustafa.  I used the rest of my reserves to sprint through the forest, and in but a moment I was again upon the attacker.  I plunged the dagger into the black cloaked figure, to little effect.

With great skill and ingenuity the assassin turned the battle.   Realizing that I was not fast enough to stop their escape I merely attempted to wound them.  Perhaps we could follow a blood trail come the morning.  My strength was sapped.  In my rage I had taken grievous wounds.  I could not seek revenge as a lifeless husk. 

This dagger will claim that persons life.  This I vow.

Brother Ivan emerged from the forest.  He was in better control of his emotion, but he pleaded with us to find Master Liams killer.  I offered myself up, and the other members of our group did the same. 

I will find him.  And I will kill him.  Witness.



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