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  • Acolyte: Chapter 1

    The skeletal remains of Antimor disappeared into the gapping maw of the wurm.  I stood there with the limp form of Nikolai in my arms.  Had we not been fast enough we also would have vanished from Mordulon.

    The specter of …

  • Acolyte: Chapter 2

    We set out early in the morning to head towards the cavern.  I wondered what was written in this tome to be of such high importance.  Perhaps I can read this book upon our return. 

    I surveyed the other acolytes, whom were busy …

  • Acolyte: Chapter 3

    I feel.  A simple sentiment, but new to me.  Anger.  Confusion.  Disallusionment.  

    Master Liam was killed and I failed to stop it.  I failed to apprehend the killer.  I am not as strong as I thought I was. …

  • Acolyte: Chapter 4

    "Acolyte!" Dorn shouts.

    Without thinking I emerge from my hiding place and sprint towards Helor.

    Nixie speaks with the unicorn in a language I do not comprehend.  I stand there with my hand raised, trying to …

  • Chapter 1: Meeting the Heroes


    It's been almost a week since Yohan was murdered.  I don't cry as much anymore, but I still wish I could go have an ale with him sometimes.  I regret not being a closer friend.  We didn't see each …

  • Chapter 2: The Adventures of Donovan

    Donovan was startled awake early by a man in polished bronze armor.  It was still morning twilight.  The sky out the window was a streaked with clouds, the morning light bleeding across the sky in vivid purples and blues.  The town was …

  • Chapter 3: Life and Death


    I was able to get the gnome and the human out of jail.  The pain was subsiding in my face and shoulder, and I was kind of ashamed to have them see it.  I lost my weapons, my armor was in tatters, my clothes were ruined, and …

  • Chapter 4:


    I got bit by a vampire.  It bit the Djorn, too.  He pushed me out of the way when it tried to surprise us by jumping down.  It grasped onto Djorn, and when he finally broke free I was dumb enough to get grabbed next.& …

  • Chapter 6 & 7: Good and Evil


    We still haven't found the killer, and each step forward seems to be two steps back. The murders in the city have stopped, and it seems as though the last murder was done by the pair of Onis we've been dealing with.

  • The Words of Windegast the Wanderer

    Hastily scratched day, approximate location, and date.

    I find myself now in the far east. This place is called the Land of Dragonmen. Dragon Men? Dragon-men?

    There is a scribbling of notes in regards to reading up on …

  • Acolyte

    I woke up at the base of a tall cliff. The cliff appeared so high as to be ethereal in the low hanging clouds. Memories attempt to flicker to life, but all I can recall is walking with my brotherhood. Did I fall? Was I cast off the treacherous …

  • Windegast Whispertail

    If asked where he is from Windegast would probably say he isn't really from anywhere. He has spent most of his life traveling Mordulon, seeing the sights and learning what he can. His youth, however, was spent in the north among the horsemen of the steppe …