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  • Acolyte: Chapter 1

    The skeletal remains of Antimor disappeared into the gapping maw of the wurm.  I stood there with the limp form of Nikolai in my arms.  Had we not been fast enough we also would have vanished from Mordulon.

    The specter of …

  • Acolyte: Chapter 2

    We set out early in the morning to head towards the cavern.  I wondered what was written in this tome to be of such high importance.  Perhaps I can read this book upon our return. 

    I surveyed the other acolytes, whom were busy …

  • Acolyte: Chapter 3

    I feel.  A simple sentiment, but new to me.  Anger.  Confusion.  Disallusionment.  

    Master Liam was killed and I failed to stop it.  I failed to apprehend the killer.  I am not as strong as I thought I was. …

  • Acolyte: Chapter 4

    "Acolyte!" Dorn shouts.

    Without thinking I emerge from my hiding place and sprint towards Helor.

    Nixie speaks with the unicorn in a language I do not comprehend.  I stand there with my hand raised, trying to …

  • Acolyte

    I woke up at the base of a tall cliff. The cliff appeared so high as to be ethereal in the low hanging clouds. Memories attempt to flicker to life, but all I can recall is walking with my brotherhood. Did I fall? Was I cast off the treacherous …