Mordulon-Fall of the Crimson Throne

Acolyte: Chapter 3
West to the River

I feel.  A simple sentiment, but new to me.  Anger.  Confusion.  Disallusionment.  

Master Liam was killed and I failed to stop it.  I failed to apprehend the killer.  I am not as strong as I thought I was.  Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, I am bound to a group of strong men and women.

I learn what I can while I'm being healed.  Several days go by.  I inquire about the tome we received, and why Master Liam might have been targeted.  Brother Ivan and Brother Gregor do not know why Master Liam was slain, but it was clearly an assassination.  There are many ways into the tower, and the assassin had picked the most difficult.  Clearly they were seeking to encounter no one else.

Nikolai seems distracted, and I notice after a time that Aries is no where to be seen.  Nikolai tells me Aries went back for something and that he'll return soon.  I wonder if he is safe.

I speak with Brother Ivan and Brother Gregor again, this time pledging myself to what ever cause they seem fit.  They speak to me as if I'm naive, but they tell me to find out what I can in my travels.

The group gathers in the morning and I tell them that I'm not strong enough alone.  Not as strong as I thought.  I need them to join their strength and talent with my own if I am to find Master Liam's killer

Nikolai and Aries remain at the monastary to continue their research into the mysterious Order of the Obsidian Key.  The rest of us set out to the west until we encountered the river.

We travel for a day.  We arrive at a small gathering of buildings to find hulking bugbears terrorizing traveling caravans.  If they had any caravan guards they were certainly slain.  I look to Mustafa and we rush to stop them.

A short and brutal encounter.  Our party made quick work of the beasts.  Mustafa is unstoppable when the vessels in his eyes burst.  His behavior in general seems to shift depending on whats happening.  He speaks with us, laughs, and hatches plans with us, but when blood must be spilled he turns into a raging demon.  Can I depend on him for what I need?

We are hired to route the rest of the bugbear band.  There was a huge on in particular, and I advised a surprise attack.  It likely saved my own life.  My body seems surprisingly fragile.  I must work to make myself more resilient.

We return.  The locals are excited that we have quelled the raiders.  The bar is a rowdy party, with drinks and revelry being had by all!

I step outside into the breeze.  The sun is setting, giving the sky a blueish, pink cast.  I peer around for someone who can sell me some coal.  Food does me little good.

I see a cart nearby when a thin man.  Peddling wares no doubt.  I go to inspect some of his finely crafted boxes when he engages with me.  I expect the normal questions I get.  What are you?  Where are you from?  Why are you here?  

But no, this elf, named Lithowi, asks me more specific questions.  How long have I been active?  What am I consuming?

He mentions that he hasn't seen one of my kind in nearly 300 years.  Elves must be long lived.  He inspects me and then begins offering me various purified ores.  They all burn smoothly, the fuel within me coursing with energy that I have not felt since the Awakening.

Lithowi refuses payment for anything.  Simply inspecting me was enough.  He grants me a charm that I can speak into if I need to see him again.  Lithowi knows something about me, but I have other concerns now.  Maybe when we bring peace to Master Liam, I will seek him out.

Nixie Two
Nixie Bear, Nixie Wolf

The monastery made Nixie uncomfortable. She didn’t like how uniform everyone was. It was like no one had a free spirit. No one smiled or laughed. It bothered her. She didn’t like the colored bands on the peoples arms; she felt like they couldn’t leave soon enough. Two important men came to greet them but they instantly gave Acolyte the cold shoulder. He did them no wrong. Why did they treat him so? She didn’t like them. Their names were Brother Liam and Master Ivan or Master Liam and Brother Ivan. She was unsure but she didn’t talk to either of them. Thankfully the dwarf and the young boy, Nikoli, made a full recovery and soon they were off on another errand. They set off to find missing pages from an old book rumored to be in a cave across the forest. Nixie wasn’t sure what it was for. Acolyte seemed determined and despite her own personal feelings toward BL and MI or BI and ML she decided she would help him. He had healed her arm in the forest after all. She felt like she owed it to him to help.


They left in the morning, the two suns shining brightly in the sky, making them all feel fatigued. They took to traveling in the forest so to escape some of the harsher rays of light. Some flowers were found and someone made a drink for everyone to help fight the heat exhaustion. Apparently it was called “SunBerry BullShit Tea”. It tasted alright. Nixie curiously looked to Acolyte as he was handed the drink. Obviously he was different than anything she had ever seen and she was unsure of how he would be able to consume liquid. Without hesitation he threw back the beverage and splashed it upon himself. She stifled a laugh and turned away so not to offend him.


Soon they arrived at a large clearing; lake spread out in front of them. The surface of the water looked clear and undisturbed. Sparkling leaves glittered all around them and roses grew all along the edge of the clearing each ones petals perfect and crisp. A unicorn emerged from a path hidden from them moments before. He approached fearlessly and Nixie sensed some of the group tense beside her. She quickly stepped forward before Mustafa did something stupid and spoke to the beautiful animal. Such a sight was very rare and she was a little afraid the unicorn may not talk to her.

“Hello, we are strangers here and we mean no harm.”

“Do you come with the men who harm our trees?”

“The trees? No, we have not touched any of the trees. We seek safe passage through the forest to get to a cave on the side of the mountain.”


They learned the unicorn’s name was Eliwyn an he was the Glean Lord of this forest. As Nixie spoke to him she was surprised to see Nikoli step up beside her in awe. He had a depiction of a unicorn on him that she had never noticed before. Was this the symbol of his god?


“If I lead you to this cave would you rid this land of those vile men hurting the trees?” The unicorn asked stamping his foot angrily.

“We will!” Nixie said eagerly. She quickly realized she probably should have conversed with the rest of the group before making a promise to this divine beast but she pushed the thought away. With safe passage to the cave she was sure they would agree to take care of a band of criminals.


They went about their way traveling down the path Eliwyn appeared from. Other unicorns came to see the group as they traveled. A small foul ran up to Nikoli and bumped him with its nose before running off again. Nikoli looked so excited Nixie was sure he would explode. Nixie watched the unicorns, happy that she got to see them with her own eyes. She tried not to stare as she was almost transfixed by the soft look of their fur and the beautiful shiny hair of their manes and tail. She approached Eliwyn and asked shyly.

“May I have a clipping of some of your tail?”

“Some of my tail? Whatever for?” He seemed taken aback by such an odd request.

“I just think its so beautiful I want to braid it into a band to wear..” She replied feeling a bit silly.

“You take care of these bandits and I will oblige to your request.”

She beamed excitedly.


The band found the camp easily and the fighting began quickly after. The Halfling orc cast a spell over the 12 men and a little more than half dropped to the ground asleep. At the same time Aries threw a spell to the fire and a blue flame erupted from the pit and the image of a unicorn appeared above it all. The conscious men stared in awe at the sight. Mustafa ran in and bludgeoned one of the men killing him immediately. The rest quickly jumped into action. Nixie looked about from Aries hands aglow with fire to the dwarf with his deadly weapons of fury. Trying to find someway to be of help she ran over to the men sleeping and started to bind their arms and legs incase they started to wake during battle.  The battle ended very quickly and soon there were only four men left alive. Shortly after three. The men were interrogated and apparently their leader and a few additional henchmen dwell inside the cave with the mysterious book pages.


We enter the cave as shouts echoed from inside. We funneled in from the neck of the cave into a large chamber where a huge orc stood looking pissed. Nixie tried her best to be helpful. She shot fire toward the orc but whether from fear or self doubt she missed every time. One thing lead to another and soon Mustafa and Acolyte stood grappling the massive orc. Her fire was failing but she had another trick she could try. She had never changed into an animal for combat before, her uncle would never allow sparing lessons, but she transformed into a bear. Her skin grew brown fur and soon she was more than twice her old size. She slashed at the orc with her now massive paws but the unfamiliar body caused her to miss as the two men beside her pushed him back. She was unsure who threw the final blow but soon it was all over.


The halfling orc, Hugh Halfner, had the pages safely tucked away and everyone soon piled out of the cave. People were starting to relax after battle and all the pent up stress Nixie felt inside her soon started to dissipate.  Spotting Nikoli, Nixie ran up behind him and stole his hat playfully.  She bounced around him in circles and he frantically tried to chase her and jump up to snatch the hat back. After she had had her fun, she dropped his hat and prepared to change back into a gnome.

“Before you change back do you mind helping me with something?” He asked, fixing his hat and returning to his habit of shining the pin on the front of his robes.

She nodded her bear head and gave a soft grunt agreeing to help him.

“I would like to bring the bodies out of the cave and collectively bury all the bodies.”

Nixie obliged and after it was done she returned to her normal form.


Returning to the forest they easily found their way back to where the unicorns roam. Eliwyn came to greet them and Nixie excited bounced forward to tell him the good news. He seemed very pleased and turned so she could get a clipping from his tail. She carefully cut a few strand of hair and braided them together into a band and tied it around her left wrist.

“Thank you so much!” She said beaming.

He then showed the party to a hidden chest that lay in the forest. He explained that it had been abandoned and they had no use of coin.


The travel back to the monastery was uneventful. As every fell into their various duties or interests Nixie wandered around and tried to find something to entertain herself with. She strayed away from the workers, they still made her nervous,  and watched from afar at Aries who had taking up some fighting/ yoga? techniques. She wandered around outside and found a fountain in one of the gardens. Running over excitedly she leaned over the edge disappointed not to find anything there. Exploring more she eventually discovered a nearby stream and started attempting to catch fish. Spotting Acolyte nearby, she shouted to him excitedly the fish still held tightly in her hands. She asked him for assistance with the fish and he threw her up on his shoulders and ran her up to the fountain to throw the fish in. She giggled happily at the two fish she managed to catch and throw in the fountain. Acolyte seemed confused but didn’t ask questions. She was happy he went along with it. Soon the sun was falling behind the trees and she retreated inside even though the darkness didn’t impair her vision. She was getting sleepy from the long day. Not really wanting to go back to the cots she wandered the corridors and found her way upstairs onto a balcony. She stared up at the stars until she grew tired and fell asleep out in the cool air.


Screams awoke her not long after closing her eyes. She shot up and blinked rapidly as a dark figure disappeared from the monastery into the trees. What just happened? She spotted the dwarf jump out the window in pursuit. She doubted she could make a landing like that out the window and took off full speed down the stairs. Jumping out the doorway, she transformed into a dire wolf and quickly passed the dwarf and found herself catching up to Acolyte, whom she didn’t realize was outside. She eventually overtook Acolyte, and they ran and ran into the night just barley out of sight of the figure. She soon started gaining on the figure and realized too late her mistake. Whether she was gaining from her own speed or whether it was from him slowing down but it didn’t matter. She didn’t see the large pit until it was too late. She plummeted down the hole and hit the ground hard. The figure peered down at her then turned tail and ran. Acolyte soon appeared after and shouted down asking if she was well. She barked at him that she was okay and quickly he was gone also. She changed into a spider and crawled out of the hole before feeling the magic fade and her body changed back into a gnome. The dwarf and Hugh had just arrived and she ran in step with them into the forest. She hated how slow she was and longed to transform again but her magic spent she could not. They quickly came upon Acolyte on the ground. He had a huge injury on one arm. It was almost as though there was something else under the metal… Something organic. Mustafa came back after had running ahead.. The figure had escaped.. Before Nixie could ask about Acolyte’s arm everyone had started to gather up and head back to the monastery. No one said much.. She had gathered that Liam had been stabbed and killed. Acolyte had stolen his black dagger.


What was happening here? This was such a random bunch of events. Were they really this unlucky or was it the people they kept encountering the ones with the bad luck. People around them kept dyeing and everything seemed like one disaster after another. What this figure also a demi god? What was angering the demi gods so? So many questions… So very tired… She longed for a good nights sleep. Again she hoped she wouldn’t have nightmares returning to the monastery.

Nixie One
Unfriendly Start to a New Life

After wandering through the forest for some time, Nixie was getting tired of traveling alone. Spotting a town, she decided to stop and sell a few furs and possibly have a nice hot meal. Shortly after arriving, she had met a man with a very bright and billowy cloak. They exchanged few words when shouting nearby distracted them from the conversation. A merchant was chasing two other men running down the dirt path.

“Stop! Thief!”

Quick to act, Nixie thrust out her staff and tripped the man carrying a large coin bag. He hit the ground hard and the bag flew from his grasp and littered the ground with small coins. Before she could retrieve any of the money a large smelly, almost hairless, barbarian lumbered up and bent to scoop up the coins. Nixie frowned and slapped the hand of the man with her staff.

“Those are not yours,” she said simply.

Ignoring her, he collected all the coins and started to leave without a word. Irritated at being ignored, she thrust out her staff similarly like she did to the first thief, and attempted to trip the man before he could leave with the coins.

“Those are not yours!” She said again, but she misjudged her reach this time, and succeeded in merely hitting the man in the shins. He turned silently and raised one fist and brought it down heavily on her head. Her vision swan and she swayed in place almost blacking out from the impact. Hearing the commotion, the merchant finally caught up to them and delightfully clapped his hands at the sight of his money bag.

“This gnome tried to steal your coin and I stopped her.” The gruff voice of the barbarian said.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Nixie’s anger quickly flared and she glared at the man standing beside her.

“I most certainly did not! I was the one who stopped that man from escaping with your bag!” She retorted pointing to the man still on the ground.

To Nixie’s surprise, the man with the brilliant cloak strutted forward and came to her aid calling the barbarian a liar. She was grateful he spoke up to aid her.

The merchant seemingly didn’t seem to acknowledge anything that was said and was so happy to get his bag back, he rewarded them all with a few coins as payment for getting his bag back, and left.


Soon, Nixie found herself shuffled along the path of the city with the others and they agreed to help some town folk with a mad wolf problem. The large man whom she learned was called, “Mustafa”, said an apology as they took the job. “Sorry, little one.” Wasn’t much of an apology and she narrowed her eyes at him in his insincerity. The small group consisted of a HUGE hooded man in a robe, a young boy with a large gray hat who kept anxiously polishing a pin on his clothes, a small green Halfling orc who kept singing loudly, Moose-tah-fah, and the very proud of himself- very fancy cloaked man, Aries.

Its turns out the wolves that the town folk were upset about were actually dogs. The first thing Nixie spotted about these poor creatures was the marks around their necks and the ribs protruding from their sides. Someone had beaten and starved these poor creatures. They were angry and driven mad. Starvation had taken over them and she was sad to realize she would not be able to talk them out of this fight. They were beyond help. This was very apparent as one pounced on her and clamped his teeth in her arm swiftly knocking her to the ground. The fight ended quickly with Mustafa killing the beasts with one hit of his fist. The giant cloaked man kneeled beside her and asked if she was harmed. She slowly held out her hurt arm, a bit intimidated by this being large size and strange voice. He skillfully healed her arm and she saw that his skin was… unnatural. Cold to the touch and very very hard.

“What are you?” She asked, not unkindly.

His name was Acolyte and he said he was made of metal.

“Meh-tall.” She tried out the strange word but it felt unfamiliar on her tongue. She had never seen such a substance before. She curiously gave Acolyte a few pokes testing out the “meh-tall”.


Sounds interrupted the group and they stumbled across a goblin camp. More dogs were caged at the far end and the goblins hopped around the fire they had built. They had a cage in the clearing with a very angry looking dwarf inside. The group stormed the camp and Aries quickly started fighting the goblins followed by the others. Nixie’s gaze never left the dogs. They were abused animals not malicious beasts; she was going to free them. They could run away and get food and live happy lives in the forest. They would no longer be used to harass the locals and would likely leave this place to find a new home. Before she could move, she spotted Mustafa on the move. He was aiming directly for the dogs! She took off after him but she was too late! He hopped the fence and mercilessly killing off the dogs, blow by blow. A single hit from his massive fists killed them in an instant. Anger welled up inside of her but she knew there would be no use in fighting the man. He had already almost knocked her out once that day.

The goblins were quickly defeated, the dwarf freed, and soon they were to return to the town. After Acolyte had assisted with her arm he asked for a favor in return. He was looking for some herbs and plants in the forest and was having trouble finding them. Familiar with their names Nixie had no trouble retrieving some of them for him on the way back to the town.


Everything was quiet. Too quiet. Where did all the birds go? Where were all the animals. Something was very wrong. The stench of death assaulted Nixie’s nose and she gaged and vomited of the path. The other kept walking and entered back into the town but she stayed outside the town line afraid to enter within. Could her uncle’s killer have found her? Her mind pinballing from one farfetched idea to the next. No. This was not the same person. The people here were not just slain… There was no blood pooling the ground. No fires anywhere near the partically missing buildings. The people that had once dwelled here were nothing more than skeletons and scrapes of clothing fabric. Nixie spotted a smeared handprint on a brick wall in the town.. It was unnatural and she averted her gaze from it. It almost looked as though Yaarsk had been here… But would no other demi gods rise up and stop the Goddess of Destruction from her chaos? It didn’t make sense..

Nixie stayed outside of the town and nervously watched the others wander around the destruction. She kept an eye on Acoylte as he wandered near the center of town. It looked as though someone has performed a ritual to bring Yaarsk here. But why?


Suddenly a dark figure appeared in the town. They suddenly appeared in the blink of an eye with four arms stretched out wide. Mustafa, who was standing nearby, lunged at The Being and a huge unnatural hand was quickly at his chest. The Being flung Mustafa away from itself effortlessly like a child would toss aside a ragdoll. He hit a wall hard and as he slid to the ground is skin turned unnaturally white… Acolyte tensed and shrugged off his pack letting it fall to the ground behind him and rushed forward. The Being then struck out. Nixie hadn’t moved from her spot was watched in horror as the scene unfolded in front of her. Suddenly pain erupted from inside her and for a moment she felt as if she had instantly gained a hundred years on her life. She felt as if her life was being sucked from away. She glanced up through the pain for a moment to see the dwarf and the young boy with the large hat crumple to the ground as The Being raised its hands in the air and screamed. The sky opened up and at the blink of an eye the pain stopped and the figure disappeared. The ground started to shake. She ran. The others quickly caught up and they stopped on the dirt path just in time to see a monstrous worm erupt from the earth and engulf the town as if it never existed..


Mustafa and Acolyte had grabbed the fallen bodies of the young boy and the dwarf before the town had been taken and they now lay the bodies on the ground in the center of the group. They were dead… But somehow they were not… They were not breathing but their aura remained. They had been smitten the hardest by the attack in which had made Nixie cry out in pain back at the town. But would they recover?

Someone mentioned a monastery a half days journey from where we stood. We had no other choice but to leave immediately. Running through the night at full speed we fell into a spider’s trap but managed to get away unscathed. The monastery quickly invited us in to rest and took our deadlike companions. Nixie wasn’t accustomed to so many people around but she eventually managed to settle into a bunk and laid down to sleep. She would have rather slept outside in the open sky but she was so exhausted and strained she felt like she probably could have slept anywhere… Before falling asleep she absentmindedly touched her skin above her heart and was startled to find that the skin there was cold to the touch and ached a bit. She looked down and found and mark there in the form of an unnatural hand print.. A handprint matching the one back at the town.. A gift from the dark figure, no doubt. She traced the image with one finger then frowned and rolled over on her side. She hoped she didn’t have nightmares in the night.



Acolyte: Chapter 2
Murder at the Monastary

We set out early in the morning to head towards the cavern.  I wondered what was written in this tome to be of such high importance.  Perhaps I can read this book upon our return. 

I surveyed the other acolytes, whom were busy doing chores around the grounds.  Seeing them stirred within me a memory of doing similar things in the past.  I wonder if I will every truly unlock my memory.

We took to the forest to avoid the searing heat of the Eyes.  I stayed near the back of our group, keeping mostly to myself.  Our group happened upon a glittering grove and we encountered a creature that Nixie then communicated with.  She spoke in a language I could not understand.  Nikolai seemed to revere this creature and referred to it as a unicorn.  It seemed unperturbed by me, which was calming.

A deal had been struck and the unicorn led us directly to the bandit camp.  I wasn't sure how we should approach, but then the spellcasters acted in unison to throw the camp into disarray.  The hulking form of Mustafa was then amidst them and it seemed as though victory was already at hand.  I began to search, but then the remaining terrified men said that what we sought was inside the cave.

We ventured in, but then Mustafa charged forth when we heard a shout of alarm.  I was certain we had been discovered but the group seemed confident that we could combat what was inside.  There were more bandits, and an enraged half-orc.  I quickly went to Mustafas side to guard his flank.  The half-orc attacked last, but a combined effort of all seven of us was too much for him.

We returned to the monastery the next day.  We took a route through the woods again so Nixie could speak with the unicorn.  She gained a tuft of its mane, which was astounding considering its revered presence.  She is a talented gnome.

The monastery was as we left it.  I went to speak with Brother Ivan, but he was not present.  I requested of my companions that we rest up and wait.  It was important for me to apologize.  I did my best to help around the temple, trying to remember how to perform these duties.  At one point, I assisted the gnome Nixie in moving some fish to the fountain.  I'm not sure why we did this, but she seemed delighted.

I was busy reading some of the material in the modest temple library before I went to rest.  We were awoken abruptly by the cry of Nikolai.  He had witnessed the death of Master Liam.  This tragedy will not go unanswered.  The mysterious dwarf Dorn had jumped out a window in pursuit of someone.  I took the murder weapon and made a silent vow to kill the assassin with it.

Mustafa and Nixie had located the trail, and I took off into the forest with due haste.  Anger ignited inside me; an emotion I had not felt until this moment.  My tattoos ebbed with my emotions as I hastened to catch up.  I gave pause when I happened upon Nixie trapped in a pit.  I could not help her get out, and the killer must have been close.  I rushed off into the forest, my anger overtaking my self preservation.

The ambush left me bereft of feeling.  I rounded a bend, and all at once the world was spinning.  A dagger plunged into my arm and a bloom of cold and decay flowed into me.  It seems that though my body is metal, my wounds will indeed bleed.  A revelation I will address another time.

Nikolai was upon me suddenly and brought me back to consciousness.  Was the assassin still close?  I could hear the enraged bellow of Mustafa.  I used the rest of my reserves to sprint through the forest, and in but a moment I was again upon the attacker.  I plunged the dagger into the black cloaked figure, to little effect.

With great skill and ingenuity the assassin turned the battle.   Realizing that I was not fast enough to stop their escape I merely attempted to wound them.  Perhaps we could follow a blood trail come the morning.  My strength was sapped.  In my rage I had taken grievous wounds.  I could not seek revenge as a lifeless husk. 

This dagger will claim that persons life.  This I vow.

Brother Ivan emerged from the forest.  He was in better control of his emotion, but he pleaded with us to find Master Liams killer.  I offered myself up, and the other members of our group did the same. 

I will find him.  And I will kill him.  Witness.

Acolyte: Chapter 1
The Appearance of Yarsk

The skeletal remains of Antimor disappeared into the gapping maw of the wurm.  I stood there with the limp form of Nikolai in my arms.  Had we not been fast enough we also would have vanished from Mordulon.

The specter of Yarsk had appeared suddenly.  My considerable speed availed me nothing.  With a shriek the daemon had called out to the sky, and I was marked.  We were all marked.  I do not know why. But there are more pressing matters.

The man Mustafa carries another unconscious form: the aloof dwarf named Dorn.  I look to the rest of my companions.  A hapless group sent out to quell a miniscule problem, now interminably linked by some nameless curse.  We need to find help to dispel whatever keeps these two near death.

We run for several hours.  Unfocused, we stumble into a spiders web.  Its a trivial manner but speaks to our exhaustion.  The spellcaster Aries begins sending fire skyward in hopes of attracting help.  Finally atop a hill, we find it.

A lucky encounter for us.  The monks are of the northern brotherhood.  I know the rites of respect and we beseech the monasteries help.  The acolytes summon Brother Gregor and Brother Ivan.  Brother Ivan is always eyeing me suspiciously.  He questions me on who owns me and what my orders are.  I do not know what he is speaking of, but I request to see the Master of this order.

Brother Ivan, while still clearly wary of me, takes some of us to meet Master Liam.  A present myself with the rites, ending in the practiced bow.  He seems calm yet concerned about the intervention of Yarsk.  Master Liam then promptly gets to work awakening our unconscious friends.

The next day Brother Ivan approaches us with a potential job.  He still watches me, as if expecting something. 

He explains that a sacred tome has been torn in half and likely resides within a nearby cave system.  There is a group of bandits setting up shop within the defensible caverns and we will need to either barter passage or enter with force.

I agree to fulfill this task.  He brings us supplies.  My companion Nikolai inquires as to why none were brought for me, and he explains that my owner should be fueling me.  Brother Ivan's his unwarranted suspicious begins to upset me.  He knows something about me that I don't.  I say to him, "When I return, you will tell me what you know about me."

He walks off.  Master Liam comes forth and explains to me that constructs such as myself lack free will when they are built.  My mind, magic or not, is corruptible and beings like myself have brought terrible destruction upon others.

I calm myself.  Am I simply following directions that have been preordained by another?  Either way, I need to make amends with Brother Ivan.  I have slighted him without understanding him.  I will speak to him when I return.


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