Mordulon-Fall of the Crimson Throne

Acolyte: Chapter 1
The Appearance of Yarsk

The skeletal remains of Antimor disappeared into the gapping maw of the wurm.  I stood there with the limp form of Nikolai in my arms.  Had we not been fast enough we also would have vanished from Mordulon.

The specter of Yarsk had appeared suddenly.  My considerable speed availed me nothing.  With a shriek the daemon had called out to the sky, and I was marked.  We were all marked.  I do not know why. But there are more pressing matters.

The man Mustafa carries another unconscious form: the aloof dwarf named Dorn.  I look to the rest of my companions.  A hapless group sent out to quell a miniscule problem, now interminably linked by some nameless curse.  We need to find help to dispel whatever keeps these two near death.

We run for several hours.  Unfocused, we stumble into a spiders web.  Its a trivial manner but speaks to our exhaustion.  The spellcaster Aries begins sending fire skyward in hopes of attracting help.  Finally atop a hill, we find it.

A lucky encounter for us.  The monks are of the northern brotherhood.  I know the rites of respect and we beseech the monasteries help.  The acolytes summon Brother Gregor and Brother Ivan.  Brother Ivan is always eyeing me suspiciously.  He questions me on who owns me and what my orders are.  I do not know what he is speaking of, but I request to see the Master of this order.

Brother Ivan, while still clearly wary of me, takes some of us to meet Master Liam.  A present myself with the rites, ending in the practiced bow.  He seems calm yet concerned about the intervention of Yarsk.  Master Liam then promptly gets to work awakening our unconscious friends.

The next day Brother Ivan approaches us with a potential job.  He still watches me, as if expecting something. 

He explains that a sacred tome has been torn in half and likely resides within a nearby cave system.  There is a group of bandits setting up shop within the defensible caverns and we will need to either barter passage or enter with force.

I agree to fulfill this task.  He brings us supplies.  My companion Nikolai inquires as to why none were brought for me, and he explains that my owner should be fueling me.  Brother Ivan's his unwarranted suspicious begins to upset me.  He knows something about me that I don't.  I say to him, "When I return, you will tell me what you know about me."

He walks off.  Master Liam comes forth and explains to me that constructs such as myself lack free will when they are built.  My mind, magic or not, is corruptible and beings like myself have brought terrible destruction upon others.

I calm myself.  Am I simply following directions that have been preordained by another?  Either way, I need to make amends with Brother Ivan.  I have slighted him without understanding him.  I will speak to him when I return.


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