Nixie Waywocket


Nixie was brought up the niece of an important burgomaster. Her parents disappeared when she was very young and her uncle, Nixon, stepped up to raise her. They never saw eye to eye but they loved each other dearly. He was very noble and she was very… not. She hated all the politics and games. She avoided all the bureaucrats in her uncle’s table and often snuck off to the forest to escape from the responsibilities he would try to push upon her. She didn’t care about some “Water Division Act” or any of her etiquette classes she was expected to do. She longed for freedom and often would sneak out of the area and play in the woods and practice her magic. When she couldn’t sneak off, she would pull pranks to entertain herself. She had quite the reputation around the area for her mischievous tricks. She was never cruel and would never harm another living thing but one day things got out of hand..

Nixon was barking orders at her all morning; a big meeting was going to be happening between the gnomes and the halflings in the area. They were on the brink of war because the local water supply was contaminated and they were going to negotiate terms for the fresh water division between races. Agitated at Nixon’s constant abuse, she decided she had had enough. Things quickly went spiraling out of control. What started as a gas bomb rune, intended for her brother, ended in his startling death along with the Halfling King whom he was meeting.

Everything after that was a blur. The races were on the brink of war and now both of their leaders were killed by asphyxiation. Nixie was detained for murder but managed to escape in the middle of the night. Returning to the scene of the prank, she kneeled by her rune that killed her only family, and wept. After some time, she wiped the tears from her eyes and debated her fate. If she were to stay, she would surely be killed or exiled… A fair conviction for a murderer.. She suddenly paused, halfway through retracing her rune absentmindedly with one finger. The tail end of the rune was supposed to curl off and stop… Someone had changed her rune with a slashing line through it… This was not the rune she had put down.. Someone had assassinated Nixon and the king with poison gas! Someone must of seen her place this rune and changed it after she left.. She quickly spun around as if someone might be standing right behind her. Was someone watching her now? She jumped up frightened and started to run. Tree branches slashed at her face as she ran but she kept up the pace until the sun started shining through the trees.

She silently made a vow. She would stay alive and she would find who killed her uncle. She would clear her name and stop the war. She didn’t know how but she was going to try..

Nixie Waywocket

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