Nikolai Allister

Adolescent cleric seeking his sibling and his absolution


Slender for his age, the mildly androgynous fourteen-year-old Nikolai stands at 5’ 2’’ and weighs in at a mere seven stones.

A mop of unruly light-brown hair sits atop his brow; large blue eyes reflecting innocence and a glimmer of curiosity, at slight contrast with his pale skin more suited to the northern climates from which he used to hail.

He dons heavy, inter-woven chainmail beneath the well-worn traveling robes belonging to his patron Church of Kitmoor; once a blinding white, they are now an off-beige color from the dust of his several years of travel. His satchel is slung low over his right shoulder, the straps taught due to the numerous medicinal herbs and apothecary kits stuffed into the pockets.

In dire opposite of the state of his clothes, the large medallion of the holy-symbol of the Church pinned on his lapel shines and gleams thanks to constant polishing and care. A large and well broken-in leather snap-brim hat shields his eyes from the mercilessness of the two suns. It often droops down at the edges and can obscure his facial features.


Nikolai grew up in the small city of Kol near the northern border of Gaukaro, the stretch of land near the mountain range where one of the Dwarven kingdoms lay; far to the north and east of the prefecture Antimor.

He and his sister were raised by an adoptive uncle by the name of Tobias Saar, one of the municipal hermetics with ties to the Church of Kitmoor and an old friend of their mother and father.

Nikolai’s parents, Kristoph and Lilah Allister, were typically absent for most of his years given their positions in the military. Due to the hostile nature of the kingdoms in the West, groups of the regiment would typically embark on what was called The Long Patrol; leaving for often months at a time to scout for possible border-skirmishes or to establish trade routes, only to return for a brief respite before departing again.

Perhaps due to the absence of his parents, or maybe in part to the malign rumors surrounding his sister, or maybe the spontaneous occurrences of magic that would occur whenever he was near, Nikolai did not have many friends growing up; being labeled an outsider. As such, he held a fairly cloistered existence which lead to a shy demeanor.

Taking pity on the boy, Tobias sought to teach him everything he knew about medicine and the nature of divine magic. He took it upon himself to see that the boy would be imparted with altruism and be merciful. Tobias determined that when Nikolai exhausted his tutelage, he would enroll into the care and teachings of the Church.

Given Nikolai’s deep curiosity, understanding of anatomy, and an almost unhealthy compulsion towards helping others, learning advanced practices of medicine and divine healing magic was an almost easy task.

Soon after a few short years of intense study, being granted the blessings of the Church, Nikolai took a vow of Pacifism and left the confines of his home to spread the teachings of Kitmoor and to help those in need during his travels.

Nikolai Allister

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